If you’ve got a ‘big idea’, but you’re unclear
on the best way forward, I’ve got a powerful
method up my sleeve to help.

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed with
possibilities and aren’t sure which is best.

Maybe you’re too close to your idea to
clearly see its pros and cons.

You might be just starting out. Or maybe
you’re a fully formed organisation, but you’ve
lost energy or stalled, and you can’t pinpoint why.

Doing Good Thinking is a tried-and-tested process to unblock your flow and put you on the right path.


It’s a workshop to clarify your ‘big idea’.
It’s for any kind of idea (a new venture, campaign or launch).

It’s a series of beautifully crafted questions that allow you to:

  • Delve deep into your idea
  • Think about it from a totally different perspective
  • Get an absolute focus on what needs to be done

It’s for the person or team of people who thought up the idea.

A must-step that will save you energy, time and money.


Because too many bighearted ventures fail – because they haven’t done enough thinking at the start.

Doing Good Thinking will reveal your single, overarching purpose, from which every other decision follows.

It will show you the right direction, and help you avoid confusion, disagreement and conflict.


  • A very clear idea
  • A few, compelling words that strip your idea to its
    essence and make your purpose plain
  • The language to energise yourself, and motivate
    and inspire those around you
  • Clarity on where to focus your energy and
    what to do next

I’m flexible on location.

It can be held at your place or a café.
I’ve even done it in a garden.

 As long as it’s somewhere conducive to good thinking (and drinking coffee or tea, and eating cake).



Doing Good Thinking is a standalone service.
There’s no obligation whatsoever to work with me once it’s done.

But if you need support to make your idea work, the good thinking we’ll have done together will put me in a unique position to help. I continue to help some clients after workshops as an adviser or mentor.

Doing Good Thinking is based on Charles Davies‘  Very Clear Ideas process. It’s been adapted and developed over the years but I am hugely grateful to Charlie, who offered his process up with an open heart.


Some things are better off said by others. I’ve helped a lot of people with their ideas, be it someone with a precious embryonic idea, to start-ups, to long established companies.

 To see what people who’ve done the workshops thought of the process, and what they got from it, click here.

Hello. I’m Gary Dunstan, the founder.
I don’t bite; neither does zen dog Nora.

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